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Stonehouse Brewery Limited
SY10 9ES
United Kingdom

  • Shane Parr

    Who? – Director and big ideas.
    An Aussie by birth, but raised in NZ, Shane dreamed up the brewery plan, back in 2002. He’s still constantly thinking of greater things for Stonehouse. Responsible for adding ciders and lagers to our repretoire. He’s a stickler for consistency and perfection in the beers we create.
    Where found? – Pacing around the brewery, or feeding the bees
    Why brewing? – A dedicated home-brewer since his young teens
    What drink?StationSunlander or Palliser Bay (and, sshhh!, the occasional glass of Aussie red)

  • Alison Parr

    Who? – Director and nitty gritty.
    Local lass and Shane’s reality checker, Alison keeps the bank balance in the black and is also chief taster.
    Where found? – In the office
    Why Brewing? – It’s so much more fun than working for a living
    What drink?Sunlander or  Witbier, but doesn’t often say no to a Henstone G&T

  • Iain Reid

    Who? – Director & engineer
    With his Glaswegian roots, Iain is the canny money saver. His engineering genius, from the big projects such as the automated 4 head cask washer to the handy slots for mallets, is evidential all over the brewery.
    Where found? – The workshop
    Why Brewing? – Combining his technical skills with a love of beer is Iain’s dream job.
    What drink?Station Bitter & a decent Beaujolais

  • Anne Reid

    Who? – Director and Stonehouse maintenance
    It’s been said that Anne never stops. She’s usually spotted with a spade, lawn mower, paint-brush or a plate of bacon rolls and occasionally with all 4 at once. Anne keeps the beer garden & orchard under control and full of wild flowers.
    Where found? – Turning over the hop compost
    Why Brewing? – We’re in a field, filled with chickens, dogs, sheep and grandchildren – Anne heaven
    What drink? – Stonehouse please! The least fussy one of us

  • Kyle Maxfield

    Who? – Head Brewer
    Kyle heads up the brewing team; ensuring the consistency of our regular beers as well as working on our new ‘specials’. Not one to shout about his achievements, but Kyle was a superstar go-karter in his youth. He’s still a hobbies man; cycling, kayaking, climbing, footballing to name a few
    Where found? – Hiding in the fermenting room, planning his next hobby
    Why Brewing? – His mate Olly told him it was quite good . . .
    What drink?Cambrian or Sunlander

  • Huw Davies

    Who? – Drayman

    Still recognised as ‘the Advertiser photographer’, Oswestry’s local paper was where Huw (and various members of his family before him) worked for many years. Huw has swapped his camera for casks (which are slightly heavier, apparently) and is enjoying life on the road. He still shoots a fine picture or two, which is evident in many of our amazing promo shots!

    Where Found? – Behind the wheel of one of Stonehouse’s trusty transits, or behind the lens of a camera.

    Why Brewing? – A long time  supporter of Stonehouse, Huw fancied a change of scene and was keen to work for a small, expanding, local business.

    What Drink? – A fan of the lighter brews – Sunlander, Witbier or Zaffir are Huw’s favourites. He’s also quite partial to a Henstone Gin and tonic.

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