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COVID 19 Guidance for Customers

Based on Gov guidance issued 23 June 2020 we’ve conducted a risk assessment and are now open as a drinking establishment. This advice will change as government advice changes.

Here’s what we’re doing to make your visit as safe as possible:

  • We’ve restricted the number of internal seats and changed our layout to help you to social distance. We’ve increased the number of outdoor seats in the orchard and have spaced them accordingly.
  • We’ve extended our opening hours to reduce the concentration of numbers at any one time. On Saturday 4th July we’ll be open from 10am until 9pm and will serve food from 12-8pm.
  • We’ll be extending our car park soon to allow for another 30+ vehicles.
  • We’ll build an extension to our oak conservatory over the coming months, but have erected a marquee for the summer.
  • We’ll provide Henstone hand sanitiser for customer use and have cleared the toilet waiting area of obstacles.
  • We’ll reduce the need for self-service and provide cutlery and disposable condiments with food orders. We’ll also provide more bins.
  • We believe that table service just increases the number of people touching glasses, so customers can still order and collect from our bar, but we’ll expect you to move away from the bar as soon as you’ve bought your beer. We’ll also provide 4 pint jugs so you and your bubble can reduce the number of visits to the bar. We’ll use floor markings to help with separation.
  • We’ll provide a QR code so you can view our food menu on your phone/device, if you don’t want to handle menus.
  • We are working with a great Oswestry company (Bluestonex) on storing customer details – probably through a QR code.
  • Our crew will be fully trained.

Here’s what we’ll ask you to do:

  • Please don’t enter our premises if you have any symptoms of COVID19 or have recently been in contact with anyone else who has.
  • Leave your contact details. We’ll keep these secure for 21 days and then dispose of them, unless you give us permission to keep them for the purposes of keeping you updated. This will be in the form of a QR scan as you enter. We wont force you to leave your details if you don’t want to.
  • Please comply with existing government guidance on gatherings. Currently, ‘Indoor gatherings are limited to members of any two households (or support bubbles), while outdoor gatherings are limited to members of any two households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most six people from any number of households.’
  • Please wash your hands frequently and use the Henstone hand sanitiser that we’ve provided.
  • At busy times, access to the toilets will be via the side door. Disabled access via the bar.
  • You are responsible for the supervision of any children in your care and must ensure their social distancing from our staff and other customers.
  • If there are no spare seats inside, please move outside. Government guidance discourages indoor standing.
  • If it’s a sunny day and you arrive to find no seating available, we’d appreciate it if you could come back another day. Please don’t park along Weston Road as we need to consider our neighbours.
  • We limit the number of people indoors, so if the weather changes, there may not be room for you to move inside.
  • We encourage you to use contactless payment where possible, but will accept cash as well as chip & pin.
  • We’ll require you to move away from the bar area as soon as you’ve been served and that you respect government guidance on distance between other customers and our staff. We’ll have some floor markings in place to help.
  • Please be aware that the police and local authorities have the power the enforce requirements in relation to social distancing and you should comply with any instructions from these authorities as well as our staff.
  • Face masks are optional but if asked to remove it for the purposes of identification by the authorities, you must do so.
  • We’ll give 30 minutes drinking up time and will need you to have left the premises by closing time as our planning permission has strict rules regarding customer times on site.

We look forward to having a (socially distant) beer with you all soon!

The Stonehouse Team.

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